Welcome to 123ICT’s Seasonal Greetings Competitions for 2019.  This usually very popular annual challenge for schools with a 123ICT support contract is divided into two separate competitions:

KS1. To create a seasonal greetings card which could be sent out to friends or family; using graphics for the illustration and adding text to create a cheery message.

KS2. Using Scratch to create an animated greetings message that could be augmented by audio.

The idea, for both competitions, is for the children to deliver a cheery seasonal message (KS1 in the form of a card, KS2 in the form of a Scratch animation) which could be used to convey seasonal greetings to friends or family.

The closing date for the Seasonal Greetings competitions is the end of the Autumn Term.


Awards and Prizes

These competitions will attract points towards our well-received 123ICTComputing Champions League. The submitting schools for each competition will be awarded the following league points:

First Place – 60 Points
Second Place – 40 Points
Third Place – 20 Points

In addition, each school that enters the competition will be awarded 10 points and the first, second and third places will also receive certificates. The winning submission for each competition will also attract a £10.00 book token for the successful entrant.



We will maintain and publish the league table throughout the year and at the end of the year, we will present, in addition to the Computing Champions League Winner’s Trophy, a very desirable prize to the winning school. The runner-up school will also receive an excellent prize and runners-up trophy. The prizes are currently being sought from our suppliers and full details will be announced on our competitions blog towards the middle of the academic year. As a guide to the prizes that could be on offer this year, information about the fantastic prizes that we were able to secure for the lucky winners last year can be found on our blog here.


Further Information

Full downloadable details about this competition can be found at: https://123ict.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/ICT-Competition-Flyer-21-22-No-2-Seasonal-Greetings-Competition.pdf

Details of all our competitions, along with our planned schedule of competitions for the year and our new 123ICT Computing Champions League, can be found on our website computing competitions page: https://123ict.co.uk/123ict-computing-competitions/ 

Should you have any further questions regarding this competition, or any of our planned competitions, please e-mail them to me at: competitions@123ict.co.uk,, or speak to your 123ICT Consultant who will be more than happy to assist you.


Good luck, we look forward to viewing your

fantastic competition entries.