Support for Teaching Well-beingSupport for teaching well-being resources has been created by OHID (Office for Health Improvement and Disparities).

Better Health wants to help teachers address and facilitate open conversations about mental well-being in the classroom.

Kick-start these conversations with their What is wellbeing? Assembly and then help young people explore Kindness and Emotions with their free and flexible resources linked to Relationships and Health Education.

Developed with teachers and approved by the NHS, these resources contain engaging pupil-led videos, real-world scenarios and engaging bitesize activities to help your pupils aged 5-11 build healthier habits. Head to Better Health’s School Zone today to download for free.” Quoted from an email.

Download your support for teaching well-being resources here.

The lessons explore actions children can take to look after their physical and mental wellbeing.

There is a well-being assembly including a PowerPoint presentation and assembly and differentiated options to offer support or challenge the audience.

There are lessons about emotions, how to recognise both how they are feeling and express it to those around them. These are for KS1 and 2 and include a presentation for use in class, core peer-to-peer activities and supporting worksheets, different options to offer support or challenge, and films featuring young voices to support the activities.

Children can explore how kindness to oneself and others is important to well-being – learning about how kindness impacts themselves, others, and the world around them. This has similar resources to the emotions lesson.

Finally, there are self-care lesson plans that help pupils understand the importance of self-care and develop self-care techniques.