KS2 Design a Game Competition Results

We are thrilled to announce the results of our recent KS2 Design a Game Competition. Thank you to all of the schools who entered the competition and sent in some fantastic games. Our warmest congratulations go to the following successful schools:

1st Place – St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Bicester – Max Manoj, Y6

2nd Place – Kingham Primary School – Thomas James, Y4

3rd Place – Beckley Primary School – Guy Massey, Y5

All of the superb entries we received can be seen here: https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/30033895/

The winners all received 123ICT Computing Champions League points for their schools ( 60, 40 and 20 respectively), with this competition bringing the league to a close for this year.


123ICT Computing Champions League

Despite COVID getting in the way a bit, we are really delighted as to how the first year of our computing champions league has been welcomed by schools.  We have received good feedback from the participating schools and we definitely plan to continue running the league during the next academic year.

As mentioned, the Design a Game Competition brought the league to a close for this year and and, at the end, the league table looked like this:



No of Competitions Entered

KS1 Points

KS2 Points

Total Points


St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Bicester  4 280 280 2021 League Champions & KS2 Winners
Stonesfield Primary School 4 180 180 2021 League Runners-Up
Standlake Primary School 5 170 170
Holy Trinity Primary School, Chipping Norton 3 130 130
Burford Primary School 2 110 110 2021 KS1 Winners
Kingham Primary School 1 50 50
Beckley Primary School 1 30 30

Updated: 09 Jul 21

Our thanks go out to all participating schools.


Winning Schools for 2021

Our congratulations go to: St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Bicester, for being the league champions and the KS2 winners, to Stonesfield Primary School for being the runners-up and to Burford Primary School for being the KS1 winners.


Absolutely Fantastic Prizes

The winning schools will receive the following brilliant prizes:

Computing Competition League Champions

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Bicester, will receive a Computing Champions League trophy and a superb Zioxi HUBT-W-6C-UK Rechargeable powerHub, kindly donated by Zioxi. This great prize provides a mobile, AC power bank, based on long lasting Lithium Iron Phosphate battery technology which provide AC mains and USB power. It has mains power and intelligent USB-C and USB-A power socket options for 6 mobile devices such as laptops, Chromebooks, iPads & smartphones – great for recharging mobile devices anywhere, anytime. Full details of this great prize can be found here,


Computing Competition League Runners-Up

Stonesfield Primary School will receive a runners-up trophy and a year’s subscription to the fantastic 123SOW. This provides a completely cloud based computing scheme of work, designed for individual schools, or multi-academy trusts. It is a flexible, interactive scheme of work for the UK Primary Computing Curriculum


KS1 Winners

Burford Primary School has accrued the most KS1 league points and will receive a year’s subscription to the superb Cloud Stop Motion animation package, which runs directly in the browser on any modern device, with 100GB storage, kindly donated by Zu3D. 



KS2 Winners

St Mary’s Catholic Primary School, Bicester, has accrued the most KS2 league points and will receive one year’s subscription to the brilliant 2Simple Striver  – created by 2Simple to improve primary aged pupils long-term physical and mental wellbeing – kindly donated by 2Simple.



Brilliant Prize Sponsors

Our sincere thanks go to our superb prize sponsors:

Without the generosity of our sponsors, the competitions and league would not be possible in their current form. Thanks guys, you have been absolutely fantastic.


Further Information

Should you require any further information about our competitions and league, please contact competitions@123ICT.co.uk or speak to your 123ICT Consultant who will be very happy to assist you. In addition, our website competitions page contains full information about all of our competitions and the 123ICT Computing Champions League.