Holi or the Festival of ColoursHoli or the Festival of Colours, the 24 – 25 March, is a colourful and joyful festival celebrated by Hindus worldwide. During Holi, people throw coloured powders and water at each other to celebrate the arrival of spring and the victory of good over evil. It is a time for friends and family to come together, play games, dance, and enjoy delicious food. Holi is a fun and vibrant celebration that brings people closer and spreads happiness and love.

The festival is also associated with various Hindu legends and stories, such as Prahlad and Holika, which symbolise the triumph of devotion and righteousness over evil. Holi is a time for Hindus to come together, pray, seek blessings, and celebrate with joy and unity. It is a cultural and religious festival that holds great importance in Hindu traditions.

There are many crafts that children can create to begin to understand and help celebrate the significance of Holi or the Festival of Colours.  Activity Village has a whole set of Holi crafts, here are some of the free ones:

  • Bonfire Collage – a wonderful collage bonfire artwork.
  • Bonfire Painting – a clever technique which will allow children to create a really effective bonfire painting for Holi
  • Colourful Bunting – bright and original bunting, perfect for Holi
  • Colourful Elephants – elephants (Ganesh especially) are important to Hindu people, this is a colourful elephant-inspired craft
  • Happy Holi Painted Card
  • Happy Holi Sign – a bright and colourful sign covered with a mosaic of tissue paper and adding it to your
  • Holi Spring Tree – ideal to do with younger children
  • Ice Painting – if it is icy at the time this would be great for a Holi art lesson
  • Marbled Clouds Craft – make cloud “suncatchers” and put them on display on the windows.
  • Marbled Holi Plate – marbling is always great fun, and the mix of colours is ideal for a Holi celebration
  • Painted Hand Stamp- encourage colourful Holi designs and use the hands as stamps.

Visit the page to see pictures of them all.