Brave animal hero stories could be used in a great self-study project, linked to any topic about heroes and villains. Children could find two or three stories they liked and make their own tiny book. This may even be a short project for the slightly older children, still in Lockdown next month.

Faber and Faber are offering a Free Story and KS2 Resource Pack  Heroes: Incredible Stories of Courageous Animals. This is being shared on the Teachwire site.  The story shared in the pack is one of a set of 33 tales about brave animals and features Voytek, the Bear who carried bombs. It is a heart warming story of an orphaned bear cub growing to help the army. The teacher resource pack gives questions for a reading group to think about and provides literacy, drama, listening and PHSE ideas, whilst suggesting activities for science, history and art & design.

Global Animal provides a great set of very short tales of brave animals. Though these are not written for children, they would make an ideal starter, or research material for a project where children were choosing one of two brave animals to write about.

Another six amazing short tales of animal bravery can be found at Bright Side  Again these are not written for children but, as above, would be good as part of a self-study project.

A slightly different but no less impressive set of stories are available from Good Housekeeping. Once more, these are some incredible tales of pets saving their owners.

Brave animal hero stories are not part of the usual curriculum but will most likely be an engaging topic for many children. They could choose and write out one or two little stories in their own words and illustrate them in a tiny book.

Brave Animal Hero Stories