Making tiny booksMaking tiny books was an absolute favourite in my classes when I was teaching, especially for use in mini topics, self-study topics, or writing and illustrating the children’s own stories.

There were two sorts that we regularly made: one, a tiny book from one sheet of paper (there are videos to show how this is done) and two,  simply using one whole sheet at a time, which is often more manageable at home for larger story books.

There are really clear step-by-step instructions and a video here.

One the same site, there are several slightly bigger books too; however, it was the tiny ones that seem to be magic for the children.

Another one that I used to make regularly was concertina books. Fold a paper in half lengthways, cut it in half and fold. This is great because it can be as long or as short as you need it to be – we did have some that were miles long!  See this simple video below with some teacher examples:


So – making tiny books can be a great way to inspire writing, even for children stuck at home. Link it to a real interest for the child and you will have a winning project. They can also take their tiny books back to school, when it opens, to share them with their classmates.

Making Tiny Books