Thank you to the schools that took part in our recent Seasonal Greetings Competition.  We received lots of fantastic entries which can be seen below:


Key Stage One Entries

Georgie Leach – Burford Y1 Henry Lake – Burford Y1
Aashreya Gummadala – Burford Y2 Leah Domingos – Burford Y2


Key Stage Two Entries

Please click on the image below to visit our KS2 Scratch Entries Studio

Our congratulations go to the following winning schools:

  • KS1 First Place – Burford Primary School (Henry Lake Y1)
  • KS2 First Place – Stonesfield Primary School (Jessica Bullock Y6)
  • KS1 Second Place – Burford Primary School (Aashreya Gummadala Y2)
  • KS2 Second Place – Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School, Chipping Norton (Unamed Y6)
  • KS2 Third Place – Standlake Primary School (Abi Y4)


Computing Champions League Table

With the introduction of our new-style competitions, we have launched an exciting new ‘123ICT Computing Champions League‘ and the submitting schools for each competition are awarded the following league points:

  • First Place – 60 Points
  • Second Place – 40 Points
  • Third Place – 20 Points

In addition, each school that enters the competition will be awarded 10 points and the first, second and third places will also receive certificates that reflect their placing.

Current League Positioning



No of Competitions Entered

KS1 Points

KS2 Points

Total Points


Burford Primary School 2 110 110 Seasonal Greetings KS1 & KS2 Competitions Entered
Stonesfield Primary School 2 100 100
Standlake Primary School 2 80 80
St Mary’s Primary School Bicester 1 70 70
Holy Trinity Primary School, Chipping Norton 1 50 50


Further Competition information

Further information on all our competitions, prizes and the Computing Champions League can be found on our competitions page,