Dissolving Gingerbread CookiesDissolving Gingerbread Cookies is a Christmas science experiment shared by Teaching with Jennifer Findley.  This is a website offering lots of ideas for all sorts of activities for American grades 4 and 5; however, this experiment is absolutely fine for any age in UK primary schools.

When you think about planning classroom holiday activities for your students, you may not automatically think of science experiments. Before winter break, it can be challenging to get your students to focus on much due to the excitement of the impending holidays. I find that working holiday-themed activities into the curriculum keep students interested and learning. Try this fun science experiment with gingerbread cookies this month!” (Jennifer Findley)

Based on the premise that some things will break down or dissolve when mixed with liquids, the experiment asks children to write what they think will happen in each case. The downloadable reading activity and printable sheet for the experiment is a free offering from the site, and apparently, there are more if you wish to sign up for emails but it looks as though most of what is on offer is by subscription.

Dissolving Gingerbread Cookies
Dissolving Gingerbread Cookies is quick to source and manage and is a science experiment with a bit of festive fun.