The Jewish Festival of LightsThe Jewish Festival of Lights is called Hanukkah, which is a Hebrew word that means dedication. It is an eight-day festival of religious observance for Jews across the world. Hanukkah begins on the evening of the 28th November and ends on the evening of the 6th December. The nine candles of the menorah are lit, one on each day, and are not allowed to go out during the festival.

The Hamilton Trust has a free lesson about Hanukkah in their Festivals of Light project: “Reflect on the symbolism of light; learn about significant festivals of light such as Hanukkah … Make Menorahs.”

Jewish Interactive offers a complete toolkit to teach about Hanukkah, or Chanukah as they name the festival. “We’ve created a complete toolkit for Chanukah which contains meaningful, innovative, and engaging resources for teaching children about Chanukah. The toolkit includes:

·        How to use tech resources to teach about Chanukah
·        An overview of Chanukah and the different customs we observe over these 8 days
·        The best educational games to teach Chanukah to kids
·        How to create your own material to make these days special and exciting
·        J-STEAM resources for Chanukah

There is a free family activity booklet and a set of videos about Hanukkah offered by Alphebeta.

Check out the Kidskonnect blog: Hanukkah Activities, Games, and Crafts or learn more about the traditions, food, games, songs, legends, and beliefs surrounding Hanukkah with their dedicated worksheets that have one free activity for basic members and ten activities for premium members.

Find out more about the Jewish Festival of Lights at Ducksters.

The Jewish Festival of Lights

ThisIsMyWorld – Washington, DC, the Festival of Lights: Happy Hanukkah.