TypeTastic - free Typing games Typetastic – Free Typing Games are on a website that will work on iPads and laptops too, consisting of many games that can be used to teach children how to type.

What’s TypeTastic?

TypeTastic is an easy and flexible online typing tutor which gives the students the tools to learn fluent touch-typing technique through a variety of games and activities.

TypeTastic School Edition features a full K-12 curriculum with Teacher Dashboard. All the study material is also (and always will be) available free of charge on our website.”(TypeTastic)

There are about 700 free games, 260 for young children, 280 for KS2, and 280 for older children. There are games, motor skills training, touch typing, Numbers and Symbols, typing fluency exercises, and times tests. The games are all optimized to work well on a laptop, desktop, or tablet. Working on a tablet makes it more difficult to develop touch typing skills though!

TypeTastic School Edition includes a fun and inspiring K-12 keyboarding curriculum along with a suite of teacher tools. Watch your students embark on a thrilling island adventure to collect words and letters in bright and exciting landscapes while becoming fluent typists.

  • Track students’ progress
  • Easy rostering and management
  • Customize study material and set up timed tests
  • K-12 Keyboarding Curriculum with over 700 activities
  • Completely ad-free” (TypeTastic)

This is a paid-for education version of the site. There are plenty of games in both versions; however, the free version has adverts. The education paid-for version has a record-keeping section and no ads. Each class has a code that the teacher shares with their students – records of achievement can be kept and the teacher can see what has been covered by each person.

TypeTastic - free Typing games

TypeTastic – Free Typing Games can be used in the class or at home, children can learn keyboarding skills whilst playing games.