COP26 - Our Climate ManifestoCOP26 – Our Climate Manifesto: Whole-school Assembly and Activities Project Pack is being offered free from Plazoom who has teamed up with the Animal Planet magazine to create it.

The email I received reads:

This whole school resource explains COP26 to pupils and will encourage them to learn, question, and take action on climate issues affecting the globe. Activities are inspired by the article from Animal Planet issue 9 ‘COP26 Explained’, which introduces the global climate conference held this year in Glasgow, Scotland and its aims.

A whole school assembly is included to introduce COP26 and engage learners. Then there are suggested curriculum-linked activities for each year group, with resources to aid and inspire teaching and learning. They can easily be adapted to suit the needs of your school and the time available. In the final activity, the whole school is encouraged to come together to create a children’s manifesto, listing what the children will do together to reduce their impact on climate change and habitat loss in their community and beyond.
Teachers’ notes are included for each year group, with relevant resources provided to aid teaching and learning. Opportunities to teach aspects of PSHE, science, mathematics, computing, geography and spoken language are identified on the teacher notes.” (Plazoom)

For lots more information and to get the pack please visit Plazoom’s COP26 – Our Climate Manifesto: Whole-school Assembly and Activities Project Pack website.

COP26 - Our Climate Manifesto