Making a class booklet of children’s poems is very easy using either Google Slides or PowerPoint.   Halloween, or Christmas, class poem collections would be great to share with parents.

  • Firstly find a really nice template to use. offers a collection for PowerPoint. If you are using PowerPoint, download the template and then click on it to open the presentation ready to set it up for use.
  • Slides Carnival offers Google Slides and PowerPoint templates. The Colourful Monsters is lovely for young children on Halloween. If you are using Google Slides, you simply click the download link and it makes a copy for you to use.

With either presentation tool, choose a few slides that you would like the children to use and make sure they have a text box where they can write their poem in.

  • In Google Slides, click on Slide and then Layout and choose Title plus 1 column.
  • In PowerPoint, go to Layout and choose Title and Content.

To make your booklet A4 size so that it really does look like a book, you need to alter the size of the slide. We are used to seeing the slides as rectangles but there is a range of sizes the slide can be.

Making a Class Booklet of Halloween Poems

In PowerPoint,  just click where it says “Tell me what you want to do and type Slide size.”
That opens the options where you can choose A4 paper.




Making a Class Booklet of Halloween Poems

In Google Slides go to File then click on File, then Page Setup, and choose custom:





Now, on either program, every child could have their own page where they create their Halloween poem

Here, using the Colourful Monsters as a very simple template you could use,  children can design their own monsters too. Simply right-click any slide to duplicate it so that you have enough and drag them up or down as necessary to order them.  This one is the normal slide size; This one is A4 size


Making a Class Booklet of Halloween Poems