Back History MonthOctober is Back History Month and there are many resources shared for use in educational establishments as well as speakers willing to talk to children.

Settle Stories are doing a special storytelling screening event for KS1 and 2.

The Story – The Best Musician  – Through the transformative power of African storytelling, Usifu (The Cowfoot Prince) will transport your pupils around the world on a journey of learning and fun. This interactive and accessible performance will captivate children through music, dance, and song, teaching them about African culture and heritage, as well as the value of embracing diverse cultures.”(Settle Stories)

The event takes place on Wed 20th October – 9.30 – 10.15 am on a platform called Crowdcast which you log into from Chrome.  You do need to register for this event and it is a pay-what-you-can event.

There will be a recording available to watch until 12 pm on the 31st of OctoberTo register and find out more click on this link.

The Black Heroes Foundation, launched in 2016,  is one such group of people:

The Black Heroes Foundation stimulates, motivates, and inspires young people. We promote pride through cultural awareness, education and entertainment. Our aim is to eradicate ignorance of Black Heritage and to encourage better understanding and further enhance our multi-cultural society. We have a strong strategy and set of values.
We use the Arts to engage young people and to tell our stories, educating, celebrating, and empowering our younger audiences.”(The Black Heroes Foundation)

The Foundation will deliver special events either live or digitally depending on what you want or need. They have films, do plays, make speeches, and take workshops helping children to engage with diversity. Simply go to their website and click on Book an Event. They offer a Black Heroes for children – a discovery program.

Black History Month