Harvest Appeal 2021Harvest Appeal 2021 is a WaterAid project attempting to improve the lives of millions of people in the world’s poorest communities.

In the world’s poorest communities, many people rely on farming not only to feed themselves and their families, but also to earn an income. Often, their entire livelihood depends on what they can grow.

But crops need a reliable supply of water, and increasingly unpredictable weather is causing them to fail – leaving people hungry and with no way to earn a living.” (WaterAid)

The tiny and inspiring case studies on the WaterAid page are child-friendly; they could be shared with the youngest and would make great discussion starters, comparing how the people in various places are living in comparison to our lifestyle and talking about what they are doing to help.

This is definitely a fundraising page but there is a lot there which could make a great focus for a harvest festival day. It is possible to request a free speaker. I guess a Zoom / Teams session projected to the assembly would be possible for some schools.

There is a school pack that includes assembly ideas and classroom activities. These activities could also be adapted for use at home.

The free school pack includes:

  • stories from climate-vulnerable communities in Ethiopia and Uganda,
  • engaging classroom/youth group activities,
  • group leader/assembly resource,
  • PowerPoint presentation,
  • poster,
  • fundraising ideas,
  • GiftAid envelope,
  • paying-in form.


Harvest Appeal 2021

The Harvest Appeal 2021 pack and site may just inspire a slightly different Harvest festival celebration this year.