cycling safetyCycling safety is a website run by the Northern Ireland Government and it provides lots of useful information to share with families.  It seems to be aimed at adults to share with children and teens.

Cycling is a fun and healthy way for your child to get around, but there are dangers to be aware of. By setting a good example and making sure your child is trained and has the right clothing and equipment, you can help keep them safe.”(NI Direct)

Depending on the age of the children there is something suitable to teach them, or to read through and revise with them – especially if they have just completed their cycling proficiency course in school.

It covers helmets and protective clothing, the rules of the road,  the highway code and lots more useful advice.

Bikeability is another useful source of inspiration and ideas when it comes to teaching children to be careful on the roads. This website has a club sending out regular new letters, videos to watch and school resources:

A suite of tools to help your school maximise the impact of Bikeability for all pupils, including what is included in Bikeability training and how to organise it; learning resources to support the curriculum and beyond; tools to help you promote and celebrate Bikeability and activities to support home-school engagement.”(Bikeability)

The site provides learning resources for all primary ages with scenes for discussion, posters, worksheets and more.

Cycling safety is a useful reminder coming up to the summer holiday when many children will be using their cycles even just around close by where they live.

Cycling safety