Summer holiday ActivitiesSome good summer holiday activities have been developed and shared by Parentzone; they are called Fun free activities for legendary families.

As with all of the ParentZone resources, these activities are basically aimed at making children safer and more savvy about what happens online. We have shared Be Internet Legends in other posts, where Google and Parentzone teamed up to share lots of safety tips for children and provide support for parents. There are lots of fun free activities, including the game Interland where players (internauts) learn how to be safer and more confident online users and explorers.

Parentzone have collected together a whole set of resources which would make great summer holiday activities. They include:

  • What would you do? – a game
  • An Artwork Challenge, where children show what they would do if worried by something they found online
  • A legends family adventure pack for parents
  • A guessing game
  • Password Poetry
  • Spot the Difference – but Internet safety style
  • A colour in kind-ometer
  • Building an Internaut

Summer Holiday Activities

The downloadable activities are PDFs ready for printing. They are perfect for helping children stay safe online, with life forming habits such as password creation being practiced with a fun rhyme that children could remember and use forever.

The Difference Detective gives great opportunities for parents to talk to the children about fake websites, security and more – again a very useful resource.