The Windows 10 Video Editor is a great replacement for anyone still using Windows Movie Maker. It is already on your Windows 10 machines, just search for Video Editor.

As it opens on to your desktop, you name your project and click on the plus sign to add pictures or video clips to the project library (top left). It takes a vast range of image and video types. Phone and iPad video can also be used.  Once everything needed for the movie is gathered together, you pull them into order on the timeline at the bottom of the screen Рthe user can see what is happening and test it all out in the presentation on the top right. A video clip can be added as many times as you like. if you want to use tiny segments of it and cut a lot out, there is a trim facility.

Photos and pictures can be placed on the screen for between 1 and 7 seconds, simply click on the number and change it for every image. The images can also have motion included.

There is a set of background music tunes that can be used and users can also record their own audio track and add that.

The tiny video illustrated below is a few seconds work, nothing special, but I just needed to see how it worked, I took a few Minecraft screen shots and made a five minute video clip in Minecraft. I then put it all into the Windows 10 Video Editor where I changed the amount of the video showing at each end, added a title card, added music from the 47 tunes available, added a little motion and clicked Finish Video.

Windows 10 Video editor