Wild at homeWild at home education activities have been designed and shared by Paignton Zoo.

Educating people of all ages is something that we’re incredibly passionate about here at the zoo.

As well as being a leading visitor attraction, we’re also a conservation and education charity. This means we’re in a unique position to teach people about the natural world, wildlife and conservation, making us an ideal destination for an educational school trip!” (Paignton Zoo)

Well obviously, there will be no school trips or anything like that but the resources that they share are full of great ideas.

The zoo offer a Virtual Classroom, a set of video calls from one of the animal enclosures during the mornings and a 50 minute lesson from their Darwin classroom during the afternoon.  The talks cover Plastic Oceans for KS2, African Safari for KS1 and lower KS2 and World War Zoo for KS2 and KS3. There is a charge for these services but it may be an alternative school trip at the moment!

Wild at home is a lovely, free set of ideas for summer education, they may have originated as things to do at the Zoo but have been shared for children to do at home, or in the classroom to learn more about wildlife.

There are some really interesting ideas there – learning about zoos in war time, a link to WW2 and Rationing, writing a letter to a poacher, waterproof penguins and more. They are mostly linked to National Curriculum objectives.

They also offer Mini Discoveries, activities for up to 7 years old looking at fossils, bugs, a poo hunt and plants.

Wild at Home