Digital Citizenship ResourcesDigital citizenship resources that can be used by individuals across the primary age range are being shared by Common Sense Education. Many of these may be useful to use for revision, as we come toward the summer holidays where children may spend more time that ever on the Internet.

Watch-and-reflect videos: 15-minute activities
Students absolutely love our videos, which include songs, poems, whimsical animations, and our fun characters, the Digital Citizens! Use the quick activity guides below, which include links to our videos, along with reflection questions you can send to students.”(Common Sense Education)

Whilst children are in school, you certainly do not need to send them questions but the questions are there for classroom discussion.
The videos and notes are also in Spanish, so if children are learning Spanish that could be a fun way to look at them to see what they can make out!

The list of resources gets progressively harder for older children – starting from about Year One:

  • Rings of Responsibility  pupils start to understand how to balance their responsibilities to themselves and others in the digital world.
  • The Power of Words pupils consider cyber bullying and strategies to use when confronted with it.


Digital Citizenship Resources