Google Anywhere SchoolThe Anywhere School Event 2021

The Google website promotes the event:

This past year, dining tables became desks. Chat rooms became classrooms. School is no longer just one place – it’s many.

Now, we have the unique opportunity to turn this new normal into a better normal. And it starts with your invitation to The Anywhere School 2021, a free online event that gives education leaders, IT administrators, and teachers the product updates and tools to prepare for – and rebuild – the future of learning.

Register to tune in live. No matter where you are in the world, we have three broadcast times to accommodate our global audience:
Europe: June 23, 12pm – 1:15pm BST” (Google The Anywhere School Event 2021)


How to Register

They have sent us this specific link to use to share with our schools so that Google know the schools have come from 123ICT:

123ICT Schools please use the following link to attend the event:

The Google Anywhere School online event sounds useful for all schools, it may be worth recording and sharing with your staff or colleagues.