Two useful reading appsThe following two useful reading apps, both suitable for primary aged children, may be useful to share with parents, especially in the lead up towards the summer holiday.

Reading apps, including games and activities:

Dotopedia, created by the Canadian Broadcasting Company is designed for children aged 5-6 and above, so it is suitable for most of the primary aged children.  Sadly it is only for the iPad at the moment, the Google Play copy is no longer available. It will be worth checking back again though as it used to be there and it may just be being updated at the moment.

Use Dotopedia to explore the world with Dot, based on the hit TV show! And in case you don’t know who Dot is, she’s a funny, tech-savvy eight-year-old with an enormous thirst for adventure and knowledge. Her best dog, Scratch, and her trusty tablet are always by her side. Dotopedia is an interactive information hub where kids can explore the subjects they’re most passionate about through pictures, audio clips, articles and games. Encouraged by Dot, kids will help build Dotopedia into a big, digital repository of the coolest information by uploading their own pictures, audio clips and stories. They can also upload content they create using Dotopedia’s interactive tools, and if they’re feeling adventurous like Dot, they can even dive into a real-world treasure hunt.”(App Store)


Two useful reading apps


Libby, by OverDrive

Libby is an app giving access to online libraries where children (or adults) can borrow books. There are filters so that they can choose the right age/ level.

In our beautiful, intuitive ebook reader:Two useful reading apps

  • Adjust text size, background color, and book design
  • Zoom into magazines and comic books
  • Define and search for words and phrases
  • Read and listen to read-alongs with your kids
  • Add bookmarks, notes, and highlights” (Libby)

Unlike Dotopedia, this one would need some parental guidance and help in choosing suitable books, but, free reading books all summer could prove very useful to lots of people who have a tablet in the house that children are allowed to use. There is a juvenile filter so children will not come across potentially undesirable content.


Google Play: