Music for Video ProjectsMusic for video projects can be a bit of a nightmare – using the most up to date pop song as a background is totally illegal and finding nice music that is permissible to use can be tricky. There is a lot that is offered as royalty free – but one has to pay for it in the first instance!

Pixabay, known by us all as a place for great free-to-use images – that need to be accredited, at the most – also has a beautiful range of free background music. It offers:

Thousands of music and audio tracks, free for commercial and non-commercial use.”(Pixabay)

The clips last from as little as half a minute, up to about five minutes. There should be something to suit all lengths of projects. There are intro clips through to background clips which are searchable by theme, Movement, Mood and Genre.

Sound Effects

Free Sound Effects has many freely available sound effects that children can download and use but there is also a massive collection of paid for sounds on the site; therefore, it is necessary to explain where the free ones end and the paid for ones begin, before allowing them to use the site.

It is really easy to see which are which, see the two images following:

Music for Video Projects

The free sounds include airplanes, animals, applause, cars, city sounds, crowds, doors, drums, household, human, nature, sports and more. There is a lot there already without having to go near the paid for ones.

Music for Video Projects

When children are looking for music for video projects is may be easier to keep them within these two sites to avoid them downloading music which is not free to use. Copyright can be a bit of a minefield!