Climate change teaching resources have recently been provided by the Educational Foundation, linked to The Economist. The Educational Foundation runs the new themed events for children, the ideas started as weekly club events but the resources can easily be used in classrooms, after school clubs, or for home schooling.

The following links provide resource downloads.

There are nine sets of resources linked to the Climate Change theme, the most recent is Building Back Greener – a scheme of work based on a green recovery of the globe after the COVID pandemic.

There is one on plastics, packaging and sustainability, looking to see what impact plastics have on the environment. These are linked to 2021 news.

Coronavirus and the environment looks at how the levels of emissions in the atmosphere plummeted dramatically during lockdown.

There are two sets of resources on veganism, one for home use and one for classroom use, it looks at the issue from different angles.

Extreme Weather – a set of six lessons in the climate change teaching resources pack helps children to explore the impact of extreme weather on different communities and considers responses to them.

World Earth Day resources, even though they were designed two years ago will be new to many children. This set of lessons challenges learners to consider the specific steps they can take to tackle climate change, discuss the obstacles and think about whose responsibility it is.