99 Math99 Math – free Maths games for all!  If you need a free resource to aid the catch-up after the COVID pandemic shutdowns, this site may be really useful to you.

99 Math is a maths games website, free for schools and home users.  It boasts a one minute set up time, teachers choose the games and levels and then share the chosen games with their students by using a game code. It can be played on any device including phones and iPads – so it is the sort of activity that could easily be set for homework. It can be played in class in real time, or assigned for use out of class, or for distance / hybrid learning.  Teachers have a dashboard which allows them to monitor their student’s performance, progress, strengths and areas for development.

“Designed to engage students on any level

Playing with friends makes practising math social and fun. Leader boards, badges and other gamification elements are fine-tuned to get kids focused and eager to advance.” (99 Math)

The following video shows how it works:

All of the activities are curriculum matched and have been created by teachers. What is particularly nice is that students do not have to login, there is no data collected and that makes it very easy to use across primary schools anywhere. Teachers make the account, set it up for their children  and share the game code. Another use may be to share it with parents who feel that their child needs extra support in maths.

99 math