Cyber security training for school staff is being offered by the National Cyber Security Centre.

This is a new resource ,published on the 21st April 2021.

There are two sections to the training: a scripted presentation pack suitable for staff meetings and a self-learn video for staff not present at the whole school meeting, or supply staff can watch it and learn at any time that may be convenient to them.

At the end of the training, schools can issue a certificate in order that staff can establish their cyber security awareness.


The video itself is pretty sobering! It explains clearly how to protect the school  – when as many as 83% of schools have experienced some sort of cyber security problem. The case studies are pretty horrifying, the sorts of things that can happen at home, as well as school, are well worth watching but very worrying.  NB watch the bit about USB sticks – a warning to us all!

The Cyber Security Training for School Staff package should be essential staff meeting training for all schools, of all ages.

The NCSC has produced further resources for schools looking to improve their approach to cyber security.

There are many resources to share on this site including: 10 Steps to Cyber Security and Exercise in a Box (helping organisations find out how resilient they are and Helping school staff to work safely online).