Earth Day 2021Earth day 2021 is on April 20-22. Think Earth, providing resources for environmental education, has created a set of school resources.

The Think Earth Environmental Education Foundation is committed to ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION—to helping all people, especially young people, become more aware of their environment and to develop everyday habits and behaviors to help improve their environment… that is, to THINK EARTH.

The Think Earth Foundation, a non-profit, public-private partnership, has developed and distributed one of the nation’s most far-reaching environmental education programs—The Think Earth Environmental Education Curriculum for kindergarten through middle school students.

The Foundation also initiates and oversees local environmental projects and partnerships to provide experiences and materials to educate students about the importance of their environment.” (Think Earth)

There are four units of work provided – one for kindergarten focussing on conserving trees. The next age group is First grade, so KS1 here, and that is about Bernie the school bus and it focusses on conserving natural resources. The Second Grade unit, suitable for lower Key Stage 2, introduces ‘Trashbot‘ and children learn about how waste can pollute the land, waterways and air. Finally, there are two mini projects suitable for primary school upper KS2. The first is ‘Waste Invaders‘ focussed on reducing solid and liquid waste. Children learn where it all goes and how to reduce it. The second is ‘Pollution is for the Birds‘, a mini focus on ways to reduce air pollution among other things.

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Earth Day 2021