The Crest AwardsThe Crest Awards, and more specifically the Primary challenges (ages 5-11), look to be a very interesting way to engage young learners with scientific and STEM projects.

Typically completed by 5-11 year olds, CREST Star and SuperStar challenges relate to everyday experiences. Children complete eight activities to gain a CREST Award, with each activity taking between 45 minutes and 1 hour to complete.

The activities are designed to be easy-to-run and low-cost. You don’t need to be a teacher, have a science background or have access to specialist equipment to run them. The packs contain helpful hints and tips for you to use, explaining the scientific themes and offering guidance on conversation topics for your children.”(Crest Awards)

Much of the program  is freely available; however, there is a cost if children want to work towards and receive the Crest certificate – it is £1 per child but the resources to inspire learning are freely available for any teacher or home schooler.

There are two free home learning booklets full of scientific activities and two primary school booklets, Using Crest awards:

  • A guide for primary teachers using the Crest awards as part of the primary curriculum;
  • Star Challenges ,which is a collection of activities that allows children to explore everyday problems using science.

The Crest Awards challenges are fully planned activities useful for all teachers everywhere, they are full of ideas which can be adapted to suit your project or locality. They are managed by the British Science Association, in conjunction with others and there is so much more to it than free resources, if schools can get fully onboard – but – that does require payment.

With the return of primary-aged students to classrooms across the UK, inspire them with short, hands-on activities that challenge them to explore the world around them.

Perfect for 5-7 year olds who are starting their STEM journey.

Try Star

Most suitable for upper primary students who are looking for a challenge.

Try Superstar (Crest Awards

The Crest Awards