Red Nose Day 2021Red Nose Day 2021 is coming on Friday 19th March!  “This year it’s never felt more important to have some fun and raise money to support people living incredibly tough lives. We need the power of funny to turn laughs into lasting change. So whatever you can do, please join us.”  That is the opening quotation from the Comic Relief website.

There is a downloadable pack for primary schools; however, as children at home should also be able to take part in the activities, they are keeping things very simple with Donate To Dress Up, From Wonder Woman and Superman to Air-Guitar-Girl and Bakes-Brilliant-Cakes-Boy, choose or create a superhero and pay a small fee to dress up for the day.Following World Book Day this week, that may not be such a good plan.

A second idea isSPONSORED SUPERPOWER CHALLENGE Reveal your class, bubble or school’s hidden superpower, then get sponsored to take on a Red Nose Day challenge. Our favourite? A power ballads danceathon, of course.Everyone could do this both in school and at home, so it is a possibility.

Or there is a PAY-TO-PLAY QUIZ Test your brain power with our free quiz and games pack. Pit class against class or pupils against teachers, charging an entry fee and selling tickets to spectators.” All of the resources needed are provided, a quiz and games with answers, score cards and ticket templates, masks and all sorts along with an assembly pack. Even video call backgrounds are provided for Red Nose Day 2021!

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Red Nose Day 2021