Great ideas for World Book DayGreat ideas for World Book Day are being shared and offered by various different organisations:

Settle Stories is offering performances of the Arabian Nights for KS1 and KS2. These are free to schools, or if at home, individuals can also sign up to watch.

World Book Day is a celebration of stories. The day is marked in over 100 countries across the world. Arts charity Settle Stories are delighted to offer you two free online storytelling performances (one for KS1 & one for KS2) to help your pupils have the best World Book Day ever with professional storyteller Alia Alzougbi.” (Settle Stories)

The performances both take place on Wednesday March 3 2021. A recording will also be available for a week after the shows. It is fine for children to sign up at home.

The Museum of London is sharing pictures of some amazing old books including illuminated books and hand written diaries. The text is not really good for children but the images are wonderful.

Teachwire – with its amazing set of resources for many lessons is sharing a ‘Muddle up characters‘ among its World Book Day ideas. They are offering a free download of great ideas for World Book Day. ” Explore what would happen if a book character entered a different story where they didn’t belong. What if a library got its books in a muddle and the pages from different books got spliced with each other? Where would the characters end up? What would they do? How would they act?” (Teachwire)

Great Ideas for World Book Day