Wellbeing ActivitiesWellbeing activities: being kind to yourself’ is the title of a webpage of useful resources being shared by the Red Cross.

Explore loneliness and anxiety through wellbeing activities that help children and young people be kind to themselves.

We know from research that the Covid-19 crisis has made loneliness worse. Some communities have been at greater risk of loneliness than others, including young people.

These activities help learners to be kind to themselves and look after their own wellbeing in order to build resilience and coping mechanisms.” (British Red Cross)

The Being Kind to yourself pack comes as a freely downloadable PDF resource and within that there are resources that could easily be used in the online video conference room such as blowing bubbles and using emojis to express feelings. The activities encourage children to think about how they feel over the course of a day and start to learn to cope with the emotions they feel at different times.

There is work based around a video called Circles of Control.  Children start to learn how to deal with problems in a positive way.

There are ‘Kindness’ teaching resources available for children aged 4 – 14, “Celebrate the power of kindness. Children and young people are encouraged to learn about and practise kind acts with our range of kindness resources. They will learn the importance of being kind to others as well as themselves. It also explores resilience as kindness can help us to cope with any challenges and changes.” (British Red Cross)

Also ‘Tackling Loneliness’ for the 7 – 18 year groups. Loneliness does seem to be a major problem for children who don’t have siblings living with them. They just never get the opportunity to play with other children at the moment and it is taking a toll.

All these are different wellbeing activities which can be easily accessed and may be useful as things are getting harder and harder for all of us.

Wellbeing Activities