An introduction to UK ParliamentAn Introduction to UK Parliament is being offered as a free online event for schools through February and March if it is of any interest to any of our teachers!  It does seem like a useful offering for KS2, especially at the moment when it may bring children – in and out of schools – together for a short while, even if it is all online! It is not very often that children may get the opportunity to questions the workings of Parliament! See the advert which came by email:

“An Introduction to UK Parliament online workshop for primary and secondary schools.

About this Event

Open to both primary and secondary schools (ages 7-18), this live session will last between 45-60 minutes and will be delivered by staff from the UK Parliament. The session will cover an introduction to:

  • How UK Parliament works
  • What MPs do
  • Members of the House of Lords role
  • How laws are made

This private session for your school is designed to be broadcast live and students on site or at home will have discussion opportunities in relation to the content.

Your private MS Teams link will be emailed to you one week before the date of your session. As the link is private, it will not appear anywhere on the Eventbrite website.”

If anyone is interested see here for arranging your school’s online workshop date. Even if only a handful of children take part ,using Zoom to record the session (Zoom, Teams, Webex, etc.) it could become a school recording that could be used many times over to share the workshop, tour and information. It is something I have never seen offered freely or online before! It used to be a day trip with all that that entailed.

An Introduction to UK Parliament