Chinese New Year 2021Chinese New year 2021 is coming up next week, starting on Friday the 12th February.

Most children will be working from home so may well enjoy a mini topic on the day. Chinese New Year coincides with their spring festival. It starts  on the 12th of February and ends on the  22nd February.

The Chinese New Year Myth explaining why red is a popular colour for the festival is lovely as is the origin of red pockets.

I really enjoyed reading the Chinese New Year Taboos  these could be fun to talk about as a family group; they are really all about superstitions and a discussion about whether they are logical or not would be interesting.

The 21 facts are interesting to read through. This site was not actually developed for children but if they were looking at it with a parent, it is very interesting.

Chinese New Year Crafts & Ideas for Kids are offered by the website called Red Ted Art. These are specific crafts designed for Chinese New Year 2021, the year of the Ox, and this is absolutely designed for children. There are lots of fun crafts associated with the festival.

Hamilton Trust have a whole section on Carnivals and Parades and the first session is about Chinese New Year. “Meet Nian monster, which is always chased away from Chinese New Year; will he ever find a festival or parade where he belongs? Take Nian on a colourful journey to Mardi Gras, help him discover the Japanese Lantern Festival and march to the beat of the New York Thanksgiving Parade. Sing, create special art and a marching dance with thanksgiving hats.” (Hamilton Trust)

Chinese New Year 2021