Resources for internet safety dayResources – which can be used in the home – for Safer Internet Day (9th of February 2021) are provided by several companies who would quite like you to buy resources from them also, so be careful about what you may be accessing.

TeachIt Primary are offering ‘Being A Digital Superhero‘. This is a freely downloadable resources that parents could use at home. It is a three page print-out PDF document with discussion, a video and writing prompts.

They also offer an Online Safety Quiz: “With children spending more and more time online at the moment, internet safety has never been more critical.
This KS1 matching activity is great for getting younger children to consider e-safety although, while remote teaching, you’ll need to recruit parents or carers to print and cut up the cards to prevent children from seeing the answers!” (Teachit Primary)

There is also a presentation but it does seem to me to be more useful in a classroom setting where children can discuss the scenarios.

There are lots of resources shared on the Safer Internet Day website. Parents will need to filter the resources for language, minimum and maximum age, but there are loads of resources listed for parent to use at home.

As children are spending a lot of time on the web doing school work and for leisure, it would be good in the coming week to go over some of these resources with children.

It would also be great if parents would look at some of the resources for Safer Internet Day  with their children as for most, there will not be a big reminder in school this year.

Resources for Safer Internet Day 2021