Support for schoolsA Support for Schools Message from Teachit Primary:

In these uncertain times, we’re here to offer you support. Over the past few weeks, we have selected and grouped together a collection of relevant and engaging resources that children can work on independently wherever they might be. We have deliberately picked resources that need minimal input from parents and carers. Our guide for parents also includes 20 ideas for families to try at home.” (Teachit Primary)

There are English and maths resources with the pdfs documents freely available for EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

They also share a resource called Eight ideas for home learning which collects together useful sites to provide inspiration for planning home learning activities. There are some brilliant sites like those of Michael Rosen and David Walliams listed on that document.

Pearson are offering home support again too: Home learning support for parents

For parents looking for resources to support learning from home we have an a free 21-day trial of our much-loved The Maths Factor, now available for Year 7 pupils as well as Years 1-6.

They can also check out our home phonics reading packs, plus free guides and advice for learning from home.” (Pearson)

Find out more about Pearson’s home learning support

There is a lot of support for schools and parents in earlier posts, nearly as year’s worth now 🙁 Fingers crossed things soon improve.