African Animal VideosAfrican animal videos are plentiful on the web. If children are studying Africa at home, there are lots of very good quality, informative and short videos that they could watch on YouTube if they have access to a mobile device or Smart TV.

National Geographic Kids offers a playlist, called Animals in Africa.   It has short videos on the African Elephant, the Black Rhino, Wildebeest, Elephants (and how to save them), Cheetah, African Lion and Hippo.

Experience the hottest of the seven continents on this episode of “Destination World.” Africa is home to some of the most famous animals in the world—here’s your chance to meet them.

It starts with a short piece of music showing many of the animals covered in the playlist. “The African savanna is full of animal sounds. But when DJ Ecotone mixes them up, things really come alive! Check out this video by DJ Ecotone that features lions, monkeys, elephants, zebras, hyenas, rhinos, and baboons.

To watch the whole playlist start here:


African animal videos, Awesome animals is a brilliant set of short videos made specifically for children. These videos could lead to short personal projects, a small book, e-book or presentation on any of the animals to share with the rest of the class. Each one offers key information and footage of the various animals. This sort of project is one that could be set for home working.