Plazoom Teaching ResourcesWriting Genres KS2, from Plazoom uses a colour wheel to help pupils blend different genres. This is a great idea shared as a freely downloadable resource.

Help children to use a mix of skills from fiction, non-fiction and poetry in their writing…

This new take on developing writing at KS2 is interesting. It creates an interesting comparison between mixing genres of writing to create new interest and mixing primary colours to make new colours!

Develop pupils’ use of a range of elements from different genres to help them to develop rich texts when writing. This resource, from Matthew Lane, will encourage pupils to use ideas from across a range of texts that pupils are familiar with from lessons and their wider reading, and will see them applying this more independently – a key aspect of greater depth writing at the end of key stage 2.” (Plazoom)

Teachwire writes: “To support children’s blending skills, plot different forms of fiction, non-fiction and poetry onto a colour wheel: blue for poetry (as poems can be sombre); red for fiction (as stories are full of excitement) and yellow for non-fiction (think double yellow lines to represent formatting rules). “(teachwire)

Writing genres KS2

The Writing Genres KS2 free pack includes:

  • The colour wheel you can see above as a PDF worksheet to be used as a teaching tool to show how the style of different genres can blended within texts
  • A PowerPoint presentation – the colour wheel for display
  • Teacher notes

Download a free version, along with teaching notes explaining the concept and curriculum links, here.