Happy New YearHappy New Year everyone! 2020, which has just finished, brought with it Lockdown and a massive teaching problem which lead to many teachers offering lessons online for the first time. It is not something we were trained to do so proved to be a challenge.

With the likelihood of being asked to provide lessons online again being a real possibility, some teachers may like the idea of doing some free training.  Last March was a bit of a wake up call in this respect and I am sure that many teachers now feel completely comfortable in that environment. However, there may still be something useful to learn about teaching in this way. There are many courses being offered but All Digital School.com has gathered 20 completely free online teaching courses to share with teachers.

Here at All Digital School, we went to work and created the world’s most complete repository of online teaching programs and courses. Think of our directory as a comprehensive list of resources designed with the sole purpose of making your transition from classroom to online teaching as smooth as possible.

In this post, we’ve collected the top 20 FREE online courses that will help you master the art of teaching online classes. Think of them as a crash course on how to become an online teacher that students rave about – a teacher who’s so interesting that they don’t even think about checking their phones until you say your goodbyes for the day.”(All Digital School)

Finally, I would just like to wish you a HAPPY NEW YEAR – let’s hope it works out better than the last one!

Happy New Year