Plazoom Teaching ResourcesPlazoom Christmas Resources are great for the last few days of term and there is a free 14 day trial period if you are not a member.

The first is a wonderful set of KS1 Christmas Activities – Festive Writing Resources Pack:

Keep pupils in Year 1 and year 2 engaged with writing right up until Christmas with our appealing Elf Fact File resource pack.

Pupils will read a fact file for one of Santa’s elves, Elliott Sparkles. Using the model text as inspiration, they will then draw and write about their own elves.

The model text includes a variety of grammar and punctuation from the Y2 curriculum including: the use of suffixes ly, ful and less; commas in a list; noun phrases; and the use of conjunctions.” (Plazoom)

They also offer a Lower KS2 Pack based on the Clement Clarke Moore poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’.

Or, a Upper KS2 pack based on A Christmas Carol. “This unit – focused on A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens is designed to support you in your teaching of inference and vocabulary – is based on a carefully scaffolded whole-class reading approach, including multiple iterations, enabling all pupils to access even relatively challenging texts.

The extract has been annotated with running questions to help you check that children are creating accurate images in their minds, and to clarify their literal understanding (including of key vocabulary) – an essential step towards them making reasoned inferences as they read.” (Plazoom)

A KS1 set of sequencing cards based on the Christmas Story is also available in the free 14 day trial period. “This download contains a series of 8 illustrated sequencing cards that combine to tell the story of the Christian Nativity. These are accompanied by a worksheet upon which the cards can be affixed, with adjacent spaces for pupils to write their own brief descriptions of what each card’s photo or illustration depicts.

Also included are larger A4 versions of all the images featured on the cards, which can be used as prompts for class discussion or for display purposes.“ (Plazoom)

There are more Plazoom Christmas Resources available but these look lovely as a starting point if you do not already use Plazoom materials.

Plazoom Christmas Resources