HHow you can save the North Poleow You Can Save the North Pole is a Christmas sustainability project bring shared  by The Institute  of Engineering and Technology. The idea is for children to do their bit towards improving sustainability.

They have released a short video to share with children:

Voiced by Andy Day (children’s TV presenter) and Richard Ridings (Daddy Pig in Peppa Pig), we want to take children on a Christmas journey to help us create a more sustainable world.

This year’s festive film from the IET hopes to share the magic of Christmas and commitment to engineer a better, sustainable world with the help of the next generation of innovators.”(IET)



There are loads of sustainability resources for Primary schools available.  It also looks as though more Christmas ones are on the way, so it is worth watching. The Design a Sleigh was a National competition run earlier in the year, that is over now, but would still make a great school competition!

Resources are listed under titles including:

Teaching Resources

Primary Experiments and Activity Packs – for home learning

STEM Activities – including the First Logo League

There are also free classroom posters and certificates for member schools to download.

The How you can save the North Pole  video is well worth watching, several times over, prior to Christmas to get a clear message to the children how everyone can help in some small way to reverse global warming.

How you can save the North Pole