Google for education updatesGoogle for Education updates were announced in its October newsletter:

Price rises announced In January 2020 and being reintroduced on March 9, 2021. The price rise was set aside for the COVID 19 pandemic. Learn more about these updates and how you can message them to your customers in our latest recording of Chrome On Air for Partners.

Google Meet has released new and useful features which will undoubtedly be useful in the case of future lockdowns or supporting children unable to attend school and learning from home.

Your lesson can now be prepared for collaboration and interaction on the Jamboard and there are also breakout rooms where you can send children off in small groups to work on something together.

Google meet can now keep registers with the Attendance tracking facility which sends the record back to the teacher.

There is a new Q&A space where pupils can ask questions to be addressed when convenient.

Finally, polls has been added to add more interactivity to lessons and getting easy feedback.

Google Classroom now allows teachers to re-use materials and resources developed in past lessons.  Visit the Classroom Developer page to learn more about how your team can add this integration.

There are improvements to the accessibility features for the Chromebook and the GSuite for Education.

Our Teacher Center product guides provide educators with relevant resources to help them get started immediately with Google for Education tools. You and your customers can check out videos of the latest Google Meet features that were curated directly from the robust expertise of our educator community in the Teachers’ Lounge section of the Google Meet product guide.” (Google)

Google for Education updates shows Google’s continuous efforts to offer the best possible service for schools.

Google for Education updates