The Legends family adventureThe Legends Family Adventure is a new addition to the Be Internet Legends program mentioned previously. It is being run between Google and Parentzone.

The three-minute films, to be released ahead of UK Anti-Bullying Week, tell the story of Lumen – a shy Internaut who loses her teddy bear and goes on an epic journey with her family to retrieve it. Along the way, they meet villains such as the Cyberbulley, Phisher, Hacker and Oversharer.” (The Legends Family Adventure)

Families can watch the three minute videos together then discuss the content and take the Legends Family Challenge which tests their digital knowledge.

Parents have to register for the Legends Family Challenge which gives them the opportunity to win prizes for their school.

When The Legends Family Adventure launches on 12th November, we’ll challenge your pupils and their parents to answer three quick questions about online safety.

If enough people take part before 15th January, we’ll enter the school into a draw to win an international online assembly, gorgeous colouring books, a brilliant poster about the Legends code and a useful teaching folder – but only if you’ve signed up below.”(Legends Family Challenge)

As you can see, it has already started so ideally schools need to share the information with their families and encourage take up! This family adventure could easily be a Christmas holiday project! It is certainly a worthwhile family project that will help families have the necessary discussions about keeping safe online in a friendly family context that is based around a cartoon family.

There is also material for schools to share with parents, a letter, a cinema type ticket that could be used to invite children to the screening and an introductory video – check out the teacher hub.

The Legends Family Adventure