The Purple Mash Festive Card CompetitionThe Purple Mash Festive Card Competition is open to all children who have access to Purple Mash! Whether children are in school or at home they can have a go at this competition. It is for all primary aged children (and SEND pupils up to the age of 18) and runs between Nov 2nd and the 23rd.

The competition is one of our biggest here at 2Simple and our staff are eagerly awaiting your entries. This year, we’ve even included an added extra! All our winner’s cards will also be turned into Purple Mash E-Cards, allowing every school everywhere to send the winners card to their class through 2Email or 2Blog! This means that you don’t have to send physical cards at a time when we are all trying to minimise human contact.” (Purple Mash)

The categories are

  • Under 5
  • Under 8
  • Under 12

Children use 2Paint a Picture and send it in. The favourite card in each age group, chosen by the Purple Mash team,  is the winner. The winning card needs to be something special, ask children to think outside the box, forget the regular Christmas trees, stars and snowman and try to think of something different and unusual.

When children log into Purple Mash, they need to find the Festive Card Competition in the feature panel to enter the competition.

Teachers who use it could set it for a home work task, children do not need to be in school to take part.

The Purple Mash Festive Card Competition

It’s time to dust off the tinsel tool, dig out the virtual paintbrush and get your festive creativity flowing as the annual Purple Mash Festive Card Competition is now open!” (Purple Mash)