Climate SuperheroesClimate Superheroes is a competition being run by Farmvention.

Farmvention (when farming meets invention) is a national STEM competition run by NFU Education and aimed at children aged 5 – 14 (school years 1 -9) in England and Wales.” (Farmvention)

The competition is encouraging children to get involved in the battle against climate change. British farmers, as others all around the world, are facing problems brought about by the changing climate. They are trying to become Climate Superheroes.

This competition can be done as individuals, teams or as a whole class.

There are four themed inspiration hubs to get you thinking and each one is full of investigations to complete at home or school, alongside some exciting tours of our climate superheroes’ farms to inspire you.” (Farmvention)

The challenge is:

Create an invention, innovation or idea to help British farmers continue to care for the environment and become Climate Super Heroes.” (Farmvention)

There are four different themes: Technology, Soil & Plant Health, Renewable Energy and Sustainable Food. Each theme has an age appropriate investigation for the children. There are downloadable presentations and teacher guidance for KS1, 2 and 3.

What is really interesting is the four investigation areas: Tour Andrew’s Dairy Farm, Tour Joe’s Livestock Farm, Tour Olly’s Arable Farm and finally Tour the Small Robot Workshop. There is so much here for children to see, such as a calf being born. However, the Small Robot Workshop seems to me, to be for older children.

Climate Superheroes