Bonfire Night: What is the story Bonfire Night: What is the story behind it? This is a great collection of child friendly resources gathered and produced by BBC Newsround.

  • There are photographs of fireworks and a video of how to keep safe on bonfire night.
  • There is also a video of how children and families can keep their pets safe.
  • The historical story behind the festival, the gunpowder plot is described and explained in simple terms.
  • There is also an explanation of how fireworks work.

Bonfire Night: What is the story behind it?‘ offers a great range of historical, scientific and interesting resources suitable for use in the classroom during early November, it also offers the perfect way in to remind children of the safety rules which they need to remember.

How do fireworks work? This is a useful cartoon video (below) outlining the history of fireworks and how they work. This offers a simple scientific explanation! I learned a lot!! This would be best for upper KS2. It briefly discusses chemical reactions.

Do you like fireworks? They’re so exciting! They’re loud, and pretty, and you can feel it in your bones when they go off! But do you know how they work? What makes them different colours? In this video, you’ll learn about the invention of fireworks and how modern fireworks actually work. There are three main stages to most fireworks: 1) the fuse, 2) the lift charge, and 3) the burst charge. Our friend Puppet Charlie explains what goes into these fireworks and also where the different colours come from. We also learn a big word: pyrotechnician – that means someone who works with fireworks as their job.” (

In addition, the TES has gathered a large collection of bonfire night  teacher created worksheets and teaching resources many of which are freely downloadable. Comprehension exercises, word searches, outdoor reading, a bonfire night song, writing activities and teacher presentations are all available there.