Primary Science Teaching TrustThe Primary Science Teaching Trust (PSTT) is a charity devoted to helping develop science in primary education. They have been in operation for twenty-three years and are acknowledged as a major voice in primary science, not only in the UK which is their focus, but internationally too.

We continue to work with teachers, partners, higher education institutions and local authorities to develop and disseminate excellence in primary science.”  (PSTT)

Their vision statement is simply: “We want to see excellent teaching of science in every primary classroom in the UK.

They offer many free primary science resources including Science for One (in light of social distancing)  Science Fun at Home which may be useful in respect of future local lockdowns and also Recovery Planning – support and documents.

The Science for One section offers activities that can be done alone but still discussed as a group – if the weather is fine many of these activities can be done out of doors. Each activity is based on easy to obtain resources and explore a range of topics.

The Science Fun at Home section offers: “A collaboration with Science Sparks and the Primary Science Teaching Trust, Science Fun at Home provides simple and engaging practical science activities. Originally created to support learning at home, the activities are equally useful for learning at school. The activities are open ended and adaptable for any age.” (PSTT)

The Primary Science Teaching Trust offers CPD for teachers, support for curriculum leaders and lots more including a newsletter. It is well worth exploring for all primary teachers.

Primary Science Teaching Trust