A Pirate life for meA Pirate’s Life for Me! is a wonderful curriculum pack provided by Northern Ireland Curriculum and packed full of inspiring activities for primary aged children, especially the younger ones.

This unit provides a range of activities on the theme of ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me!’ which aims to establish learners’ awareness of pirates and of the things associated with pirates. This awareness is developed and embedded through a wide range of sensory stimulation, music, song, poetry, environmental and ICT experiences.” (Quotation from the freely downloadable document.)

This ‘A Pirate’s Life for Me!’ set of activities has been put together for PMLD learners, but, the ideas can be adapted, developed, etc for primary schools; there is lots  to inspire, even though it is not a scheme of work that can be picked up and used as it is!

  • Learning Activity 1 – Pirates’ Plunder
  • Learning Activity 2 – Ahoy There Me Hearties!
  • Learning Activity 3 – The Lazy Pirate
  • Learning Activity 4 – Yo Ho Ho and a Yum Yum Yum! – Sensory cookery
  • Learning Activity 5 – Shiver Me Timbers! – Parachute games
  • Learning Activity 6 – Pieces of Eight! – Sensory art
  • Learning Activity 7 – Tropical Lagoon – Pirate science
  • Learning Activity 8 – Where Be the Treasure? – Treasure hunt
  • Learning Activity 9 – Pirate Party – Finale

The pirate’s cove quiet corner idea is lovely.  From the list above, a parachute game, pieces of eight art (pottery coins), lazy pirate (creative writing)  and cookery – though unable to be used as they are – all appeal to me as pirate themed activities to develop and add to a pirate project.

Pirate Songs on YouTube :

Free stories about pirate for children, from LoveToKnow.

A pirate life for me