Using Roamer safely during the pandemicThe following ‘Using Roamer Safely During the Pandemic’  was copied straight from an email just received from Valiant Technology:

After a very difficult few months schools are starting to reopen. But as we are all well aware, the potency of the virus has not gone away and we are still in danger of a second wave so we thought it important to give guidance on how Roamer can be used safely in a post Covid classroom.

Roamer is one of the few pieces of computer equipment that can safely be used and cleaned with young children, but care is still needed:

1. Although Roamer is ideal for group work we would suggest that an activity is set up in a large space which two students can tackle at a time. One student to program Roamer as the other writes the program down. Then they still have the benefit a cooperative learning but they are not both touching the Roamer.

2. If you want the “whole” class to work together then sit them in a socially distanced circle with the teacher controlling Roamer in the middle. Lots of mathematical work on the number line can be done this way.

3.Because of its simple shape it is easy to wipe down Roamer with a damp cloth of disinfectant solution.

4. Students can use a stylus or similar to program Roamer. The eraser end of a pencil is ideal.

5. You can remove the keypad bevel and cover the keypad graphics with a thin layer of clear sticky back plastic for extra protection which can then also be wiped down with a damp cloth of disinfectant solution.

If you have any ideas or activities specific to a post Covid classroom then please do contact us. An activity idea I’m working on at the moment is having to program Roamer to go across a clear grid mat where five “people” are randomly placed on squares. Students must plot a route that leaves one clear square between Roamer and a person square. 

Good luck with your return to the classroom. 

Remember, we are here to help


Kate Hudson”

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