African AnimalsAfrican animals are a huge reason for so many people visiting the continent; there are animals there which live nowhere else in the world. Children already know the names of many of the animals: zebra, elephant, hippo and giraffe; but, learning a little about the animals and their habitats is a fascinating topic that is sure to inspire.

National Geographic has a section on African Animals with games, photos, videos and information. It is a really lovely site.  The animals it covers are: Cheetahs,  Lions, Meerkats, Spotted Hyenas and Warthogs. For the animals they cover, they have created classification cards covering the type, diet, life span, size and weight. Children could carry that idea forward and make a whole class classification set.

Activity Village has a list of animals from Africa with information about them. Many of their worksheets, etc. are for members only, but the actual information is freely available. This is a very good starting point for the young with lovely photographs and simple information.

eDreams Travel has a great idea which may well inspire children, it is an A – Z list of African animals, complete with photos and a little information. There would be plenty here to inspire research and project work. Children could choose one or two to learn about and perhaps make tiny books to share with the class.

There are lots of videos about African animals on YouTube. Below is a safari video that is beautiful: African Safari Wildlife. It is a short documentary to get to know the African animals encountered during a safari visit to Africa. It works capturing each animal individually with beautiful film. As it is a longer film, (17 minutes) it can easily be split into small sections.


Finally, there are literally thousands of beautiful photographs of African animals on the web, many of which can be freely downloaded into a notebook for sharing.