Introducing AfricaThis post, ‘Introducing Africa’, lists a small collection of websites intended to introduce children to the continent of Africa. The sites are mostly sets of interesting facts which may help children start to get a general idea of the scope of the continent.

The Kids World Travel Guide gives some interesting, top 20,  background facts: how many countries, largest city, smallest country, longest river, etc.

DK Findout offers a great page, it shows the whole continent with hot spots provided to add information. There is simple information about features such as: The Nile, The Red Sea, Sahara Desert, the Atlas Mountains, the Tropic of Cancer, the Equator, Gorillas and Elephants. It is simple information presented well. This is suitable for younger children.

Kiddle, Africa Facts for Kids is based much more on the history and geography of the continent. This site is much better suited to upper KS2. It introduces the Egyptian civilisation, Islam, slavery, colonialism, modern history,  climate, weather, land types and it also touches on plants, animals and politics.

Ducksters concentrates on African geography, covering the countries that make up the continent, the key rivers, etc. The information is split into separate country sections. These individual pages gives a brief overview of each country, covering: the geography, the people and the economy of each country. It also adds a map game and word search for fun.

Introducing African is the first in a series of our posts about the continent.

Introducing Africa