Real WritingReal Writing  – Writing Catch-Up Resources have been shared by Plazoon. The resource packs launch officially in September but are also available over the summer for anyone running catch-up programmes.  See the following, from an e-mail that arrived today:

Plazoom has developed a brand new writing programme that’s perfect for closing gaps and helping pupils to accelerate progress.

It launches in September, but for anyone running a catch-up programme over the summer, we are providing free test units that can be used to teach intensive lessons over two weeks to help pupils diminish the difference.

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Real Writing covers all the National Curriculum writing objectives from Year 3 to Year 6. With 100 two-week teaching units in total, each focusing on clear teaching points, it is easy to target specific skills that are critical to children’s success.

Here’s what’s in every unit:

  • A high-quality, engaging and original model text written by a published children’s author that’s mapped to NC objectives, featuring key tier 2 and tier 3 vocabulary as well as statutory spelling words.
  • Annotated versions of the text highlight important teaching points.
  • A unit map and teaching sequence for the three-stage learning process: familiarise, rehearse, apply.
  • Two detailed lesson plans – one focusing on composition/grammar and the other vocabulary – with PowerPoints, pupil worksheets, teacher notes and supporting resources.
  • Assessment sheets so pupils and teachers can track which skills have been learnt and revised during the unit.Vocabulary cards for sorting and display.
  • An extended writing challenge with guidance on writer’s craft

Teaching the units is the perfect way to get children back into the writing habit and increase their writing stamina. They are easy to pick up and teach, and adapt to the needs of each group, with plenty of opportunity for stretch and challenge, as well as scaffolded support.

The full Real Writing programme will be available to all individual and school Plazoom subscribers from the start of September.

The partly prepared packs may be useful for parents over the summer.

Download the free resources here!

Real Writing